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  • I interpret design as being a wondrous tool to convey a message, evoke a feeling, or communicate an idea. These aspects are most successful when a design is rendered so effective that it’s unseen. I strive for this effectiveness in my designs as I learn and grow in this ever-changing design world.

    My exploration into graphic design started on a whim. I had hardly heard, let alone understood, what graphic design was until my senior year of high school when I turned in my final digital photography assignment—a redesign of a magazine cover—to my teacher and he suggested I look into it as a major in college. So, come freshman year in college I decided to take a leap of faith and enroll in my first Introduction to Design class. The projects were exciting and the potential of the Adobe Creative Suite was inspiring to me. I found my niche.

    Since then, my passion for design has grown exponentially with my interests lying in typography, print and digital design, and colorI’m also extremely fascinated by web development and how vast those capabilities are.

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